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> Greek cuisine Most traditional recipes of Rhodes have their roots in Dorian Rhodes, the days when the cereal had a special place in the diet of the Rhodians. The Athenian in his “deipnosofistai” says the Rhodians at the beginning of the dinner brought bread among them the “Escharity” a cake with olive oil, something like today’s pancake with honey. In ancient Rhodes, fish soup was particularly favored.

One encounters in some of the eating habits of the Rhodians in many Mediterranean regions such as Asia Minor and southern Italy, reflecting the ancient family ties and contacts Rhodes had with them. The cuisine was not only used for the satisfaction of biological needs but to strengthen socio-cultural relations with different people and groups.

Given that Rhodes has always been a crossroad of culture so the taste and the nutrition information derives from Asia, Europe and Africa. The basis of Rhodian cuisine was always wheat and olives.
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